Nursing Leadership

Reflective Journal- Week 2

1.This week the main take a way I had was that anyone can be a leader but not all leaders are good.  By watching the movie, Ender’s Game, I was able to see many different types of leaders.  I realized that a leader can be anyone.  There is no age limit and you don’t necessarily have to have the most experience.  In the movie, there were leaders who were old and young.  Some people were just thrown into leadership roles.  Although the notion that anyone can be a leader is true, there are some people who are just born natural leaders.  Other people try to be leaders and are not very good at it.  I also learned that I want to be the type of leader that helps build people up rather than tear them down.  If you are in a leadership role, it does not give you the right to think higher or better of yourself.  

2. In this week’s team activity, we were given a group of people and we had to decide whether or not they were leaders.  In my personal opinion, I believed that every single person on the list could be considered a leader.  Leaders come in very different shapes and sizes so to speak.  Some leaders have a lot of followers while others only influence a small inner circle.  Some leaders lead for a good cause while other do not.  All of these people were very different from each other but they all had one thing in common.  They were able to influence and impact a group of people or a time in history.  That is the type of power that leaders can have, which is pretty amazing.  

3. As a newly graduated nurse, I feel like I will rely on the leaders around me as I navigate a new profession.  I will look to those who I know will be willing to teach me and mold me into a better nurse.  This week has also taught be about the type of leader I want to be in the future.  The characteristics of leaders assignment showed me the type of qualities I need to gain and how those qualities will help me specifically in the nursing profession.  I hope to work on these qualities each day and practice them during my patient care.

4. On a personal level, I like that I’m taking a class on leadership because I feel like I naturally take on that role frequently. I’m the type of person who likes to take charge because I like for things to be done right and efficiently.  I’ve always thought that I’m a good leader but I have learned that there are things I need to work on.  I hope that this class will continue to enlighten me and teach me how to use my personal strengths to become a great leader.  

Nursing Leadership

Characteristics of Leaders

  1.       Leadership requires personal mastery – Nurses demonstrate leadership when they show mastery in the tasks they perform. Nurses can showcase personal mastery and professional preparation through portfolios.

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  1.       Leadership is about values – According to the National League of Nursing, the core values of nursing include caring, integrity, diversity, and excellence.  Nurses demonstrate leadership when they incorporate these values into patient care.

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  1.       Leadership is about service – Nursing as a profession is very service like minded.  Nurses serve their patients everyday when performing their cares but nurses show leadership when they serve their fellow coworkers and members of the interdisciplinary team.  This can be as simple as helping another nurse on the floor who is busy, by taking one of their patients to the bathroom.

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  1.       Leadership is about people and relationships – It is important for nurses to build a relationship with their patients.  Nurses show leadership by connecting to their patients on a personal level and understanding their individualized needs.  

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  1.       Leadership is contextual – Contextual leadership is defined as the ability to understand an evolving environment.  The hospital environment can be ever changing. Nurses can show leadership by adapting to change and valuing new ideas.  

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  1.       Leadership is about the management of meaning – The Coordinated Management of Meaning Theory is a theory that was made in order to help people communicate socially with others.  It is based on two major types of rules: constructive and regulative. Constructive rules help people interpret the meaning of a message while regulative rules dictate how to respond to a certain message.  Nurses demonstrate leadership when they are able to effectively communicate with those around them. An example of this is active listening.  

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  1.       Leadership is about balance – Nurses are often pulled in multiple directions and the stress from their professional career can often transfer into their personal lives.  Nurses show leadership when they are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance. They can do this by investing in self care, setting priorities, asking for help, developing good relationships, and learning to say no.  Effective delegation is critical to creating this balance.

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  1.       Leadership is about continuous learning and improvement – Lifelong learning is an expectation of any professional in the medical field.  Advances in medical technology are happening all the time. Nurses demonstrate leadership when they are aware of the newest evidence based research and apply it to their patient care.

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  1.       Leadership is about effective decision making – Nurses must make critical decisions each day that will affect their patients.  They also have the responsibility to help their patients make decisions through education.  Nurses show leadership when they actively influence decisions that impact the quality of patient care.

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  1.   Leadership is a political process – It is important for nurses to be politically active. They can show leadership by voting, campaigning, attending rallies, volunteering, contacting elected officials, working with others on local problems, and being a member of a nursing organization.

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  1.   Leadership is about modeling – One of the responsibilities of the nurse is to be a role model.  Nurses can demonstrate leadership when they do and say the right things even when no one is watching.  

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  1.   Leadership is about integrity – Nurses are taught to practice by the ideal of beneicence.  They can show leadership by ethical, moral, and safe patient care.

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Nursing Leadership

The DISC Personality Test Assignment

The Results of the DISC Personality Test told me that I am a conscientious person.  It stated:

Conscientious people are very useful in any organization; they are precise and given to detail. They are very systematic people and they need a lot of information when performing a project. They are like the S(steady) people and they would choose to avoid conflict and tend to be more accommodating to others.

This revelation is not new knowledge to me.  When I was reading the results, I totally related and understood.  I know that I am the type of person who likes to know everything.  I like to have all the facts available to me when I work on something or when I have to make a decision.  I also know that I HATE conflict.  I usually am the peace maker.  I hate when people are upset and I’ll do anything to make sure people are happy.  

I feel like this knowledge will effect my leadership style because as a leader I know that I will want to know everything that is going on and that necessarily isn’t a good thing.  I know that I will want to accommodate people, which means people may more easily trust me, but there will be sometimes when I’m going to have to make a decision that not everyone agrees with and I’m going to have to be okay with that.  The good thing about my personality is that I am detail oriented, which means that as a leader, I will be organized.  

Now that I have this knowledge from this test, I will be able to recognize my strengths and weaknesses.  I will then be able to work on my weaknesses and turn them into strengths and hopefully my strengths will make me a good leader.  


Nursing Leadership


Hello! My name is Victoria Holmes.  I am originally from Albuquerque, NM but I moved to Utah to attend school.  I have now been living in Utah for the past couple of years and I love it!  I just recently graduated from Utah Valley University’s Nursing program with my RN and I take the NCLEX in just a couple of weeks.  I decided to continue with my education and earn my BSN.  I just started taking a couple of classes this week with the beginning of the new semester.  One of the classes I am taking is called Nursing Leadership.  One of the assignments in the class is to create a reflective journal.  I will be doing so with the creation of this blog.  So some of you might be wondering, “What is a reflective journal?”  I’ve had the opportunity to do several reflective journals throughout the nursing program already.  We usually would write them after a clinical shift at the hospital.  These journals allowed us to write down not only what we learned from the experience but also how we felt.  The purpose of this reflective journal, or blog, is to allow me to record the progress of my learning during the semester in my leadership class.  I will be writing about my thoughts and insights on what I will be learning throughout the semester.  I hope that this experience will be valuable to me and that I will be able to look back on my posts and realize all the things I have learned.  I also hope that the people who read this will also gain knowledge and new insights from my personal perspective.


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